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Let's share our knowledge with you to grow together

We've been in the business for almost a quarter of a century. We can help with network design, selection of appropriate equipment, operational experience and advice on what to avoid.

We share our practical knowledge at professional training sessions. We can help with current legislation or represent you in negotiations with the authorities.

What can we help you with?



Don't want just an advice but want to expand your knowledge in one of the topics more deeply? Come to one of our trainings. These are not focused only on practical knowledge of networks, configurations and topology design, but also on current legislation.

Didn't find anything in the regular training courses that interests you? Contact us, we will create a tailor-made training course for you.



Please contact us with any questions related to telecommunication networks, selection of suitable hardware, topology and link planning, troubleshooting, etc. We will help you to avoid problems that have been already solved before by our skilled team.



The network operation is closely related to legislation and regulation. We deal with the current legislation on a daily basis, whether it is regulation in wireless networks or laws related to construction of optical networks. We will help you find answers to your questions or represent you in negotiations with the authorities.

What else we can do

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Hardware for your TELCO project

I will help you with the selection and technical solution for your project.

Ing. Jan Stejskal
Ing. Jan Stejskal
Senior product manager
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