Telco technologies are our daily business

We will analyze your current solution, prepare the entire project, select the best hardware, provide a turn-key installation and 24/7 support. We will upgrade your data infrastructure in the most efficient way. 

We have experience and a never-ending passion for modern technology

The history of dates back to the year 1999, when three former classmates discovered a completely new part of industry - microwave data networks and believed that this idea of wireless transmission had a future. In the beginning, there was enthusiasm for new technologies, the ability to improvise, a lot of work and a willingness to take on the challenges of a newly emerging market.

The idea succeeded and as a result, VanCo is now one of the major companies in the telecommunication market in the middle Europe - not just following but very often also leading technology trends. However, our motto remains the same. To listen with an open mind to the customer's needs and to look for a ways how to solve them, even the less conventional and innovative ones.

VanCo Technik

We choose the best because we like to work with the best

The strength of the company is the unique synergy between hardware distribution and additional services.

The sales division and the construction division share their know-how togerher. As we actually work with the products in our portfolio on a daily basis, we know their quality and we can guarantee the best selection with our own practical experience.

VanCo Lab

We care day and night

Our 24/7 network monitoring centre and team of experienced technicians provide round-the-clock service throughout the Czech Republic and the western part of Slovakia. 
Our customers have access to fully equipped self-service service warehouses in Prague and Olomouc.

Servis 24/7

Electromobility and ecology

We continuously implement processes that help the environmental protection. We optimise the energy consumption of our offices and warehouses. We use six shared electric vehicles for which we have purchased our own charging stations. Our company's electromobility is partly co-financed by the European Union and the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation, specifically OP PIK 3.4 "Application of innovative low-carbon technology in the field of energy management and use of secondary raw materials".


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We are here for you.

Milan Vonšík
Milan Vonšík
David Němec
David Němec
Sales Director
Roman Korolevyč
Roman Korolevyč
Head of Construction & Services Department
Jan Stejskal
Jan Stejskal
Head of Product Management
Jiří Kříž
Jiří Kříž
Head of Logistics
Monika Pechová
Monika Pechová
Main Accountant
Kristýna Michalíková
Kristýna Michalíková
HR & Office Manager
Bc. Tibor Florek
Bc. Tibor Florek
Regional Manager for Slovak Republic