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Our branches

Head office Prague

U Cokoladoven 818/9
143 00 Praha 12 - Modrany
Czech Republic Prague – Google Maps

Branch office Olomouc

Pavlovicka 20/43
779 00 Olomouc
Czech Republic Olomouc – Google Maps

Branch office Slovakia

Regional Manager
Ing. Jaroslav Konopa


Important contacts

Ing. David Němec
Sales Director
Jiří Procházka
Key Account for Telco & Enterprise
Stanislav Edr
Account Manager
Roman Dlouhý
Account Manager
Ing. Jaroslav Konopa
Regional Manager for Slovak Republic
Martin Větrovec
E-shop & Sales Representative
Tomáš Novák
E-shop & Sales Representative
Ing. Jan Stejskal
Senior product manager
Jiří Kříž
Warehouse Manager
Roman Korolevyč
Construction & Service Manager
Petr Blažek
Technicial Team Coordinator
Ing. Radek Malíř
Project Manager
Petr Hamous
Project Manager
Martin Baloun
Project Manager
Martina Sedeke
HR & Office Manager
Bc. Monika Pechová

Company & Billing information s.r.o.
Vojtesska 231/17
110 00 Prague 1
ID:    25762702
VAT ID:    CZ25762702

The company is registered with the Municipal Court in Prague, file number C / 67978.

Foreign bank account
EUR/USD: Citfin 
Bank account: 1006156 / 2060
IBAN: CZ82 2060 0000 0000 0100 6156

Czech bank account
CZK: Raiffeisenbank a.s.
Bank account: 140322001 / 5500
IBAN: CZ95 5500 0000 0001 4032 2001