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Amenity Resort

Complete replacement of the insufficient Wi-Fi network in the luxury hotel Amenity Resort Lipno. Poor coverage was caused by inappropriate selection and placement of existing Wi-Fi APs, which we replaced with state-of-the-art Wi-Fi 6 access points controlled by a cloud controller. We provided a complete implementation, from the projection and simulation of coverage using Ekahau software, through the supply of hardware to the overall installation and configuration of the new system. 


Amenity Resort
Project Manager
Petr Hamous

For several years, Amenity Resorts has been providing free WiFi access to clients in its leisure and congress hotel complexes. Thanks to their prestigious locations and professional approach, the hotels are popular not only for family holidays, but especially for conferences and corporate events. Despite considerable investment and continuous technical renewal of the network, there have often been complaints about the quality and speed of the connection. This reflected on the satisfaction of the guests and on the overall evaluation of their stay. Therefore, the customer's requirement was to provide a reliable turnkey solution that would solve these problems once and for all and offer customers an adequate quality of service.

Supply of HW
Coverage simulation
Access points WiFi 6

The latest WiFi 6 standard, 2x2:2 MU-MIMO, beamforming and transfer rates up to 1774 Mbps. All this in a compact and elegant package.

Switches of PoE and 10G uplinks

In addition to a generous PoE budget, all switches offer a complete portfolio of L2+ features and can be centrally managed from the Cloud.

Cloud controller

A whole network managed from one place, clear analytics and statistics, advanced Guest WiFi options - all at no extra cost.

Experience of implementation

The WiFi network of the Amenity complex in Lipno nad Vltavou was originally implemented on the UniFi system from Ubiquiti. Due to long-term problems, the entire network was upgraded to the latest UniFi AC LR, PRO access points and UniFi Gen2 switches. Despite this costly investment, customers continued to report dissatisfaction with WiFi quality and random connectivity issues.

In the end, Amenity decided to replace the entire system, even though it was only a few months old, with a solution that better matched the size of the project and the required reliability. Upon approaching them, we performed a full measurement and simulation in the Ekahau scheduling system and concluded that the AP deployment was not fundamentally bad and with the right technology, the entire system would be functional. We built the solution on Engenius Networks technology.

The actual implementation was a simple replacement of the current network elements with newly supplied ones, possibly with partial changes in the location of individual access points. These were planned on the basis of a simulation to ensure coverage in all parts of the large complex of more than 10 different buildings on an area of 40,000 m² with a beautiful view of the Lipno dam.

The entire system is built on access points using the latest WiFi 6 standard, which is centrally managed by a modern cloud controller. In total, there are 47 access points, both external and internal, complemented by 11 PoE switches in various configurations - from small eight-port to backbone with 48 ports, 10G uplink or 2.5GE metallic interfaces.

With central cloud-based management, access points and switches can be configured and diagnosed remotely from anywhere in the network, with no local controller required. At the same time, it is also possible to easily manage and make changes to all Amenity chain branches from a single monitoring interface, down to the level of changes on specific APs.

It has been several months since the installation and since then neither the customer nor we as a supplier have registered any of the problems that occurred until then. The best reference and proof of satisfaction is the fact that based on the positive experience, Amenity has chosen EnGenius technology for its new projects in other regions of the country. We are currently installing more than 150 APs and 30 switches in other branches.

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