Wi-Fi networks

Komplexní Wi-Fi řešení Ústavu pro českou literaturu AV ČR

Complete replacement of the existing WiFi network including off-site coverage simulation and temporary installation to verify the correctness of the design. The old outdated technology was replaced with a new generation and the entire network was supplemented with new access points covering previously "deaf" spots based on the simulation.

Akademie věd ČR
September 2021 – January 2022
Project Manager
Ing. Radek Malíř

Customer's request.

A functional and stable WiFi network is an essential requirement for successful operation not only in the commercial sphere, but also in the academic world. Therefore, VanCo.cz was approached by the Institute for Czech Literature of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic with a request to upgrade the existing WiFi network, which was not working optimally. The problem was both "blind" spots due to poor design and low throughput due to the technology used. The initial requirement was therefore to simply supplement and optimize the network, but further investigation found this approach to be unviable and a comprehensive redesign and replacement of the outdated technology was undertaken.  A key factor was the discontinued support of the controller by the manufacturer and the inability to add new access points to the system. The actual covered premises are located in the central part of Prague and are divided into a large number of small rooms on a total of 7 floors of a reinforced concrete building with a central atrium.


Simulated coverage of one building floor

About client

A scientific institute that provides basic research on Czech literature in terms of language and territory from its beginnings to the present day. The scientific activities of the Institute cover the whole spectrum of literary disciplines: literary history, theory of literature, research on literary culture, literary lexicography, editing and textology, and last but not least bibliography and other scientific work with literary information.

About technology

EnGenius is a Taiwanese manufacturer of telecommunication equipment with a tradition since 1979, bringing to the European market equipment with which it has already built a reputation worldwide. With a comprehensive portfolio, it is possible to find solutions for all types of installations - from a single office to hundreds of APs. The comprehensive EnGenius ecosystem includes cloud access points and switches as well as other network elements - wireless PtP and PtMP links, home Mesh systems or a wealth of accessories.

Supply of HW
Coverage simulation

Simulation, design, validation and turnkey installation

In the first step of the project, it was necessary to find out the reasons for the current unsatisfactory situation - for this, one of the functions of the Ekahau software was used, which can not only simulate the coverage, but also measure it realistically. This step requires a careful survey of the entire building, but it yields the most accurate results that can be built upon for the next projection. Here, this measurement revealed major gaps in coverage, which the design reflected in the next phase by a new simulation with adjustments to their positions and the addition of a total of 7 new APs per floor.

Due to the fact that the customer did not want to repeat the previous bad experience with insufficient coverage, he was not satisfied with a mere simulation. So, as a second step, a temporary installation was carried out, where the existing APs were supplemented with the newly designed ones and the whole building was re-surveyed. These results not only fully matched the simulation, but also provided realistic evidence of sufficient signal strength and quality in all areas of the building.



In the network upgrade itself, the current Ruckus access points were replaced with the EnGenius EWS330AP, which offers a capacity of up to 1300 Mbps, all modern technologies such as band steering, beamfoming, MU-MIMO or central management using the SkyKey console. All this was complemented by the brand new EnGenius EWS1200-28TFP PoE switches, SkyKey controller and Mikrotik RB4011iGS+RM router, which provides firewall and DHCP server functions in addition to routing itself. The construction of the new network was completely directed by VanCo.cz technicians, who have years of experience with similar projects - thanks to this, all the technology was replaced in one day, even though all the technology had to be placed on the ceilings and behind the partitions. As part of the network configuration, several separate networks were set up - for employees, guests or the international Eduroam network. The entire system was complemented by a turnkey Guest WiFi access and logging system.

WiFi 5 Wave 2 AP

Compact design, WiFi 5 Wave 2 standard,
2x2:2 MU-MIMO, TX beamforming and central management using a controller


All APs are powered by EnGenius EWS1200-28TFP PoE+ switches, which offer a PoE budget of up to 410 W and full L2+ functionality.

SkyKey controller

The entire network managed from one place, the ability to easily add new APs or change the network configuration.

Final evaluation

The result of the turnkey project is a completely new WiFi network that meets the requirements for the latest standards and high transmission speeds, as well as coverage of areas where the signal was previously insufficient. Thanks to the central management of the network by the SkyKey controller, the actual construction and configuration was a matter of moments, allowing employees and visitors to work more efficiently and without unnecessary downtime. In addition, the technology used allows for any future expansion of the network.